The need to improve internal processes as well as the products and services we offer our clients has led us to develop a research and development programme to continually produce technological innovations.

This work is structured through an R&D&I Department, which carries out its activities based on a Development Plan that is reviewed annually. It has generated some very important projects for both the company and the sector in general.


Development of a new structural design in glass fibre
Development of a new by-product category for stabilising floors using calcium hydroxide and the related production process
Empirical test study on the homogeneous mixing of fluids
Development of a recycling system for hot bituminous mixtures and definition of measures for environmental management of works
Development of a dynamic safety system for compactors
Development of a relational database for identification and control of occupational risk in construction
Design and development of a new management platform specialising in the construction sector
Design of facilities for a quarry to reduce the emission of dust to the exterior to improve sustainability
Development of a new solution of asphalt mixes