This is undoubtedly the company’s most important division and it maintains considerable growth thanks to the expansion of its area of influence and the incorporation of new customers, both in the field of civil engineering and building.

It is involved in the construction of all types of infrastructure and is distinguished by the extensive experience and professionalism of its team which enables it to carry out projects for its clients with the maximum guarantee of success.



RubauConcesionariais mainly involved in the area of transport infrastructures, property, parking lots and ports. The company’s financial strength inspires great confidence, as does as its vocation to serve the customer and society in general.

At this moment in time, two new concession management companies have additionally been created: Concesionaria Bicentenario and Viario to work on new projects at both a national and international level.



The core activity of RubauInmobiliariais property development for the housing market. The firm has set itself apart by introducing quality developments in a prudent and market-sensitive way, aiming to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. To this end the best locations are sought out and the finishes used are of a very high standard when compared with industry norms.


In order to achieve its objectives, Rubau has at its disposal a range of modern plants and equipment. These include limestone quarries, run by the company ARIDCAL, S.A., fixed and mobile hot bituminous mixture plants, concrete plants, an internal quality control laboratory and a significant number of earthmoving machines.