The need to improve internal processes as well as the products and services we offer our clients has led us to develop a research and development programme to continually produce technological innovations.

This work is structured through an R&D&I Department, which carries out its activities based on a Development Plan that is reviewed annually. It has generated some very important projects for both the company and the sector in general.





  • Integrate R&D&I as a basic principle of the company and establish a policy of continuous improvement in the R&D&I process, improving the effectiveness of its Management System.
  • Assign the necessary resources for the development of R&D&I products and ensure system feedback.
  • Involve and commit the staff in order to seek their participation and motivation, offering them appropriate training, with the aim of ensuring personnel who are qualified to work within the R&D&I Management System.
  • Innovate in structural engineering, the recovery of industrial waste, environmental technology and materials technology, IT, fluid mixing and minimisation of occupational risks for lightweight constructions, roads, crushing plant machinery, hydraulic machinery and automated safety devices.
  • Ensure that the R&D&I projects and activities carried out by the company meet the needs and expectations of its clients.
  • Comply with the requirements of the current version of UNE standard 166002.
Development of a new structural design in glass fibre
Development of a new by-product category for stabilising floors using calcium hydroxide and the related production process
Empirical test study on the homogeneous mixing of fluids
Development of a recycling system for hot bituminous mixtures and definition of measures for environmental management of works
Development of a dynamic safety system for compactors
Development of a relational database for identification and control of occupational risk in construction
Design and development of a new management platform specialising in the construction sector
Design of facilities for a quarry to reduce the emission of dust to the exterior to improve sustainability
Development of a new solution of asphalt mixes