ConstruccionesRubau, S.A. was founded by Joan Rubau (1908-1971) in the fifties, at the beginning of Catalonia’s tourist and industrial development.

It was established as a public limited company in 1968 in Girona. Initially, the company primarily concentrated on activities involving public works, carrying out all kinds of civil engineering, in particular the construction of infrastructures (roads, industrial estates, urban developments, etc.). At the time, the company already had an aggregates quarry, a plant for manufacturing hot bituminous mixtures, a concrete plant and earthmoving machinery. During this first phase, Rubau became one of the leading companies in the construction sector in the province of Girona.

Since 1992, thanks to a new strategy based on quality, growth, diversification of activities and geographical expansion, the company has structured its organisation, has become consolidated as one of the most important firms in Catalonia and has expanded its construction activity on a national scale, in both public and private works. The growth of the company’s building department should also be highlighted.

In 2006, a new era began for the company with the definition of a new strategic plan based on sustainable growth, quality, profitability and the diversification of production. Therefore, the Rubau Group is basically structured into three large business divisions: construction, property development and concession management.