CONSTRUCCIONES RUBAU, S. A. was founded by Joan Rubau (Fontclara, 8 August 1908 – Flaçà, November 1971) in the 1950s, at the dawn of Catalonia’s tourism and industrial development.

Joan Rubau started the company as a corporation in 1962. Its activity revolved around civil works and, specifically, infrastructure construction: roads, industrial estates and housing developments.

In a second phase, his son Jordi Rubau (Flaçà, 30 March 1944 – Girona, 16 November 2021) presided over CONSTRUCCIONES RUBAU for 45 years, during which time the company became the leader in the construction sector in the province of Girona. Since 1994, the company’s activity has extended to the rest of Catalonia and Madrid, and has also diversified to cover all areas related to civil engineering and construction, leading emblematic works throughout its field of activity.

In 2008, Jordi Rubau decided to internationalise the company, establishing it in eight countries in Europe and the Americas. At the same time, the infrastructure concession activity developed, both nationally and internationally, and the company became one of the most important construction companies in Catalonia, being a benchmark for quality and customer satisfaction in all its activities.

The RUBAU Group strategy is currently focused on business diversification, the circular economy and respect for the environment. In this way, the Group has incorporated companies such as Prenergy, Arema and Contracta, and is promoting a continuous process of innovation and sustainable growth.