April, 2022

AREMA is dedicated to the design and execution of projects, as well as the construction and commissioning of water treatment plants. Its main business areas are urban and industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, industrial process water, desalination, water reclamation and reuse, sludge treatment and leachate treatment. The improvement of living conditions and respect for the environment, are the force that starts, every morning, the engine of our ship.

The company’s field of activity is currently located in national and international territory.

AREMA has a wide professional experience. More than 15 years ago, the company began a process of internationalization to offer new markets and new ways of working.

With the intention of increasing its international presence, AREMA has worked with local partners, designing and advising projects, as well as building and reusing the follow-up of all its works.

The company has delegations and commercial representations in different countries of Central and South America, as well as in Eastern Europe and North Africa. AREMA is currently executing projects mainly in Mexico, Colombia, Bulgaria, Romania and Algeria.