April, 2024

Last March, GRUPO RUBAU was awarded the civil works contract for the construction project of Line 9 of the Barcelona Metro at Maragall Station for approximately 3 million euros.

This action is part of the completion of the central section of this metro line, which connects 5 municipalities in the metropolitan area, making it currently one of the most important civil engineering projects in Catalonia. Line 9 construction began in 2003 and was carried out in different simultaneous contracts along 45 km during the period 2005-2010. The construction of Maragall station started in 2004 and was suspended in 2011. Broadly speaking, the work carried out during this period involved the formation of a vertical shaft with a diameter of 26 m and a depth of 62 m from the surface to the lower level of the tunnel, the connection of this vertical shaft to the tunnel, and a provisional cover supporting a also provisional urbanization.

The project awarded to RUBAU consists of the necessary civil works to complete the station. Highlights include repairing structural pathologies in the current shaft, building the platforms, forming ventilation shafts and emergency exits, forming the base of the shaft and preparing it to receive the metal structure, and finally constructing the lobby slabs and roof. The works began this spring, and their execution period is 13 months.